Stephanie Drew LMT
Better assessment and better tools provide better results.  Every session has a goal in mind and is strategically designed around your body's specific needs and preferences at that specific time.  Much of the dysfunction we experience in our bodies comes down to the more primitive parts of our brain not feeling safe.  Our stress response is beautifully designed to keep us alive.  Whether we are working with an injury or a more generalized tension and dysfunction it's important to respect and recruit that beautifully designed nervous system. Thoughtful, intuitive listening to both you and your body is an innate skill, perhaps a gift. Coupling this gift with the most up to date theories, technology and techniques can help you feel better, move better and live better. Session are all inclusive; no \"add-on\" services.  My one rate will make all of my tools and techniques available when they are appropriate for your condition and your goals. Massage techniques include relaxation, deep tissue, trigger point, advanced myofascial, neuromuscular IASTM/Scar therapy and ashiatsu (using my foot to apply deep, comfortable pressure).  Tools include Near Infrared Light, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (Gua Sha, therapeutic scraping), Hot Stones and Hot Towels, an ADA compliant electric table with a number of bolsters that is highly adjustable and a prenatal table with breast and belly recess where mothers can lie completely face down even at full term. A restroom is accessed from inside the treatment room, so no need to get dressed if you need to use it during a session. 
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  • Restorative Therapy (30 min)$55
  • Restorative Therapy (60 min)$90
  • Restorative Therapy (90 min)$125
  • Restorative Therapy (120 min)$160
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Stephanie Drew LMT