Lakeview Gardens Massage Therapy
Leave your stresses at the door and come enjoy the lake view from our garden-inspired waiting area as you listen to the soothing sounds of our indoor waterfall. Our private therapy room provides a serene atmosphere for you to discuss care options, receive treatment, or simply relax and be rejuvenated.Lakeview Gardens Massage Therapy is located on 16 acres of waterfront Missouri grasslands with a beautiful view of Lake of the Ozarks. Our quiet cove is home to blue heron, pelicans, and many other water fowl, while deer, bluebirds, hummingbirds, and foxes move quietly about the property. Guests can follow the boardwalk trail under the willow tree and along a seventy foot water feature to the entrance of Lakeview Gardens Massage Therapy.We are pleased to assist you on your journey to pain-free living. We look forward to welcoming you to Lakeview Gardens Massage Therapy!
Type: Personal
In studio
6 399.94
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Service hours
Monday: ---
Tuesday: ---
Wendesday: 00:01 - 23:59
Thursday: ---
Friday: 00:01 - 23:59
Saturday: ---
Sunday: ---
Specials & Discounts
  • Pregnancy Massage (30 min)$35
  • Postpartum and Infant Massage (45 min)$50
  • Postpartum and Infant Massage (60 min)$65
  • Postpartum and Infant Massage (90 min)$90
  • Postpartum and Infant Massage (120 min)$120
  • Swedish and Thai package (135 min)$135
  • Swedish and Thai package (180 min)$180
  • Swedish and Thai package (195 min)$195
  • Cupping and Myofascial Release (15 min)$20
  • Swedish Table Massage (135 min)$130
  • Swedish and Thai package (150 min)$150
  • Swedish and Thai package (210 min)$210
  • Cupping and Myofascial Release (20 min)$25
  • Facial Massage (10 min)$5
  • Facial Massage (15 min)$10
  • Facial Massage (20 min)$15
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Warsaw, MO
Lakeview Gardens Massage Therapy