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Born, raised in Portland, Oregon, I set my sights on a professional soccer career but the Universe had other plans. After a knee injury ending my professional career, I had to set my path on a much more exciting adventure. Now I am a health care professional specializing in manual therapy, nutrition, and coaching. I am also a marathon/trail runner, OCR racer, weekend warrior, and the best Mom ever (or so my boys tell me). I know what it feels like to work behind the desk for hours, train on concrete/monster hills, swim with your clothes on, ruin your favorite running tights with barbed wire, and win at the highest level within your chosen sport. I also know what it feels like when the weather changes, when your back gives out from standing all day, when your eyes tear because the bones in your knee just clunked together since the meniscus is gone. I know what it means to not be able to do the activities you love anymore. Manual therapy has shown me how to work with the issues in my tissues, giving me great insight for working on yours. If I do my job right, I'll keep you in your game.
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Specials & Discounts
  • 30min Therapeutic Massage (30 min)$40
  • 45min Therapeutic Massage (45 min)$55
  • 60min Therapeutic Massage (60 min)$69
  • 90min Therapeutic Massage (90 min)$99
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